It's been two months since the Nogitsune wreaked havoc on Beacon Hills and claimed the lives of Allison Argent and Aiden Sawyer. For two whole months the McCall pack grieved the loss of their friends, each hoping that there was some way they could bring them all back.

Today their prayers have been answered, and they're finally getting the people they love back.

RP takes place after 3B Finale

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when is there going to be another event or task? :) —Anonymous

I’m working on a Prom themed event for next weekend. It’ll be posted Monday!

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Emily Cross
  • Age: 18
  • Species: Human
  • Date of Birth: July 4th 1996
  • Relatives: N/A
  • Celebrity Look-Alike: Candice Accola

Emily’s life was cut short when a werewolf attacked her at the young age of 13. Her parents died trying to protect her but in the end she was killed by a werewolf, she never got to see his face all she could remember was the glowing red eyes, those of an alpha. She never got to go to high school or even a school dance for that matter, all she wanted was a second chance. Emily was stuck on the other side, she never got to see her parents in fact she was alone over there. She got to see the living but of course she never got to interact with them, she had never felt so alone. Emily constantly followed Lydia and Allison and wondered what it was like to have friends like that. 

Emily was always on the search for the werewolf that killed her but never had any luck. She never saw his face, the only thing she could remember were those red eyes which she later found out by following around Lydia and Allison that this meant that the werewolf was an alpha, so that had to narrow down the list quite a bit. She wanted revenge but of course she knew there was nothing she could do, she was just a ghost that couldn’t interact or touch humans and was stuck in between, not in heaven or hell. She wanted so badly to be reunited with her parents but was left to suffer all alone.

When Emily woke up in the forest she thought she was still a ghost, but then it was when she knocked over a lamp in the library that she realized she was real, she actually existed. She’s scared and doesn’t know if she’s here permanently or if she’ll just be taken away again. She has been dead for five years and now she’s alive and she’s trying to figure out what it’s like to live once again. She doesn’t really have any close friends yet but is hoping to make some friends that she can trust. Not only that but she is hoping to find the alpha that killed her and her family and bring an end to his life. She’s training to become a hunter and is hoping to get some help from the Argent’s.  


 Loyal, Fun , Brave

-   Naive, Short Temper, Sarcastic



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