It's been two months since the Nogitsune wreaked havoc on Beacon Hills and claimed the lives of Allison Argent and Aiden Sawyer. For two whole months the McCall pack grieved the loss of their friends, each hoping that there was some way they could bring them all back.

Today their prayers have been answered, and they're finally getting the people they love back.

RP takes place after 3B Finale

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"A witch’s curse lasts forever."

A small, dreary town that holds many secrets and mysteries. Salem was one of the most significant seaports in early America, but no one really cared for that. People only knew about Salem because of the trials, known as the Salem witch trials, that had happened in the early 1690’s. Since their ending, no-one has had any problems for many, many years.  

U n t i l   n o w.

Salem’s residents now have a secret of their own. The towns people are forced to turn into creatures on every full moon. They would shift into different animals ranging from all sorts of sizes. Some believe it not to be bad, but others want nothing more than the curse to be broken. The past is nothing but history. But history can relive itself time and time again.

Currently we accept Original Characters along with pre-made character applications. However, our acceptance date has yet to be decided.

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